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We were in Reno 2015 and participated in Convergence EMEA 2015!




One of the most important conferences for Microsoft Dynamics AX users this year was held in Reno, Nevada from October 13th to October 16th. As it turned out, Xplus was the only Polish company at the event which made us feel exceptionally welcome and a bit exotic too!


Why was it so important for us to be there? The AXUG summit was a great chance for us to learn and show the world our in-house built solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX. We were very pleased to notice that our company was actually already known and well recognized in the USA. It felt great to take part in the summit, attend all the sessions, and meet up with different users and partners to discuss business opportunities. We are looking forward to engaging in even more in the future!


It’s all about Dynamics Automated family – a combination of tools and methods that automates MS Dynamics AX-based solution development and maintenance. It consists of two sets of tools: ABC and MMM. Dynamics Automated mission is to empower all businesses using or implementing MS Dynamics AX to embrace excellence and absolute project predictability.




From the 30th of November to the 2nd of December our representatives attended Convergence EMEA 2015 in Barcelona. It was a great chance for us to hear about many different case studies concerning Microsoft Dynamics solutions’ implementations and also to familiarize others with our products from the Dynamics Automated family, meaning especially Executive Automats (EA).


This event also provided an opportunity to establish new contacts – 5000 business & IT leaders from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa came to Barcelona to explore new solutions and technologies, share business challenges and opportunities, and hear many inspiring stories of business transformation.


If you weren’t able to attend the conference this year, here are some some summaries for you to read:


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