Efforts Meter

Efforts Meter Mission Statement

Registers work-time and assigns categories to it while rendering STOP-START user actions and pulling information from different tools.


About Efforts Meter (EM)

Efforts Meter registers tasks that are performed for the benefit of projects, products and departments. In short, this means registering work-time of every action performed and completed by every employee under the right category and for the right task. With EM this is achieved effortlessly as the tool provides templates for predefined decomposition of root works which makes it easy to distinguish individual work stages (Works), so that they create a task tree.

Efforts Meter (EM) renders different types of works with dedicated icons. As you can see after clicking on the image below, root works, for instance, are by default marked with
a carrot icon to distinguish them from their components (works created by decomposing a root work) which appear with a leaf icon.


Root works and component works in Efforts Meter 1.1

To cover different business cases Efforts Meter comes with 8 modes of delegating responsibilities. These are to help to facilitate accuracy when assigning works to staff members. There are the following modes available for your convenience: No EV*, No PV**, Limited PV, Guessed PV, Agreed PV, Estimated PV, Statistic PV and Budgeted PV. For instance, if you need a new type of job done, a kind of work that has never been done before at your company, you would use the mode called Guessed Planned Value because all you’ve got is your best guess as to how long it may take to complete the task in question.

But there is much more to consider when it comes to EM. To name but a few possibilities, with this tool you can easily monitor official work advancement (Actual Cost), manage your employees’ tasks, send works to the job market, decompose tasks into works without limitations, track your work progress with the works’ statuses, receive works and grant earned value.

Employees who register their work-time manually in EM are able to do so literally within 1 second. Alternatively, the tool can do it on their behalf. In the latter case your staff may not be aware of it and it doesn’t have to participate in this process. With Efforts Meter (EM), if work-time registration is automated, it takes no time at all.

* EV stands for Earned Value
** PV stands for Planned Value



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