GO! EXPRESS & LOGISITCS chooses Executive Automats for test automation

GO! Expres & Logistics is currently in the introduction phase for Microsoft Dynamics AX System. As the success of the go live scheduled for 2017 depends mainly on the thoroughness and professionalism of the tests performed the company chose to automate the test procedure. In the end the Executive Automats suite, an exclusive product of the Polish XPLUS business solutions provider company was chosen. Webtelligence, the German language area partner thereof, undertook the consulting and care services.




Quality improvement through test automation

“Fast, very flexible, completely reliable”. This is the motto of the GO! Express & Logistic company and at the same time the expectation of entrepreneur towards its systems. The Executive Automats solution supports the service provider in automated tests of the customized Microsoft Dynamics AX solution prior to its introduction. The tool integrated with Dynamics AX stores user actions and allows to repeat them any desired number of times on request. The regression tests thus reach visibly higher quality standards, at the same time improving the development and protecting the resources. The functional and process tests allow for quick management of new releases. Dr Markus Altmeier, head of the IT department at GO! Express & Logistics sums it up in following words: “Test automation based on this tool largely reduces the workload of the design team. What we see here is the visibly higher test frequency, that the one possible with manual test procedure. This improves quality and speed of development cycles.”



 Verification of scalability through load and performance tests

Executive Automats also enables thorough load and performance tests, which form a further decisive factor for a logistic company that is about to go live. In order to guarantee the required performance of the new system we simulate replicable tests with different user session numbers. Thus we are able to check if the solutions applied are sufficient from the viewpoint of future expectations and scalability. Martit Thul, Project Manager at GO! Express & Logisitcs is particularly impressed by the simplicity of use of the automated tests: “We were convinced by the simplicity of load tests with many parallel and simultaneous Microsoft Dynamics AX sessions that could be achieved with a few simple mouse clicks”.



The performance of Executive Automats was already proven in previous Proof of Concept 

Michael Roedeske, Head of webtelligence It consulting GmbH is convinced that he passes an extremely efficient tool to his new customer. “With the functional broadening of Executive Automats that we initiated for GO! Express & Logistics we will be able to dynamically test parameters for thousands of combinations of orders and perform a hundred percent test for all combinations, that could not otherwise be performed manually", he stresses. The base for our decision to use Executive Automats for test automation was the two day Proof of Concept.



webtelligence IT consulting GmbH [LLC]  


For more information about Dynamics Automated please visit - www.dynamicsautomated.com, about XPLUS - www.xplus.pl and www.webtelligence-itc.net for more information about webtelligence.


About the GO! EXPRES & LOGISTICS company:

GO! Express & Logistics is the biggest independent provider in the field of express and courier parcel services. The partnership network, started in 1984 operates throughout the world and currently has more than 100 GO! posts in Germany and Europe. 1,400 workers and 3,000 couriers deliver over 5.5 million parcels every year. In line with company’s philosophy stating that is TIME IS EVERYTHING GO! offers regional courier shipments and worldwide express shipments of urgent goods, documents and loads, 24/7, 365 days a year. The customized supply chain solutions complete the portfolio that responds to the demands of the customers.

More information at: www.general-overnight.com



Webtelligence IT consulting belongs to the webtelligence corporate group. In recent years, numerous data warehouse, business intelligence and reporting projects have been realised within this group. webtelligence IT consulting GmbH provides professional services for the Microsoft SQL Server database platform. In particular, advises on issues regarding how to operate it in a Microsoft Dynamics AX environment, as well as in the areas of data warehousing und business intelligence. The company supports high-end midsize companies, together with nationally and internationally oriented enterprises and organisations, with numerous associated project solutions. webtelligence IT consulting also offer solutions to monitor the availability and performance of an organization's IT services and applications, end-to-end. This knowledge greatly enhances the transparency and governance of service level agreements offered by outsourced IT or corporate service providers.



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