Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base Mission Statement

Knowledge Base facilitates internal knowledge management and improves performance by ensuring that both the employee’s experience and information never leave the company and are available at all times.


About Knowledge Base (KB)

This tool hosts knowledge about the solution in the solution itself. Consecutive stages of this knowledge are built and promoted through all the solution design, implementation and deployment phases. Knowledge Base provides features to express knowledge bits, relate them, capture, explicate their specific aspects and transform them into subsequent, more mature knowledge bits required by further Development Cycle steps.

Controlled access to Knowledge Base gives customer representatives insight into the particular content, allowing them to participate in the creative process. This boosts efficiency and increases the Development Cycle executive drive. At any time Knowledge Base is ready to provide a precise, up-to-date solution and creation process documentation. Its basis are business objects embedded in the business domain, functions operating on these objects and their interdependence.

Knowledge Base functionality allows users to easily navigate through solution function descriptions, their objectives and the way they build up to business processes and user scenarios. Integrated MS Word editor makes it easy for users to input their own knowledge bits. Both internal and external users are invited to adjust the tool’s functionality and screen topography to their individual preferences. Exported files (.docx, .pdf) contain hyperlinks and sophisticated features that facilitate exploring their content.

Knowledge Base supports team work, provides dedicated workflows and alerts participants. It stimulates dialogs on task completion, quality and utility, supports comments, hints and remarks, enforces reactions and answers. It version-controls any input and change, calculates individual contribution and provides specific task effort statistics. It valuates solution size and scale and measures Development Cycle progress. It hosts Executive Automat scripts and feeds script-linking-data into them. It also provides easy insight into each particular knowledge bit’s historic versions, evolution chat, development track, promotion paths and many comprehensive summary views and reports.


Stages of awakening of the corporate mind : KB waves types


Knowledge Base Vision

There are now numerous Knowledge Bases that together constitute Knowledge Cloud enabling users to seek information beyond the boundaries of the particular Knowledge Base opened at the given time. Knowledge Base provides answers to Knowledge Enquiries by searching for the adequate content through Knowledge Cloud, identifying it and delivering it conveniently by email. This is also how users can ask their questions. Another ways include using a dedicated website or the user’s main KB application. KB replies may contain links, MS Word and PDF attachments, but also Knowledge Slides which are the most fancy and sophisticated form of presenting information.

In addition, Knowledge Base imports structural documents and uses special forms which are a smart way of presenting knowledge by converting data contained in document sections into a refined table. Finally, Knowledge Base handles graphical interface of hosted modelling structures which enables users to filter knowledge simply by clicking on the required area of the given structure’s diagram.



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