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Webinar Summary

We will discuss the following critical areas in successful optimization of Microsoft Dynamics AX testing to meet your business requirements:


  •  Functional testing
  •  Boundary testing
  •  Regression testing
  •  Performance testing
  •  Acceptance testing

You will learn how to:


  •  Record and play back user actions to easily prepare professional test campaigns
  •  Maximize the potential of your once recorded test script
  •  Ensure constant quality of your MS Dynamics AX
  •  Easily simulate difficult performance conditions to know what your system can and can’t handle
  •  Use testing automation for UAT
  •  Have automatically generated test completion reports delivered to your mailbox

The event will offer a Q&A session, so don’t forget to have your questions ready as they may lead to a follow-up webinar addressing your specific needs closely.


About the Speaker
Rafal Zurawski

webinar speaker

Product trainer, QA tester, Dynamics AX Quality Assurance team member at Xplus, a passionate speaker with insights into sales and training and a regular witness to problem-solving capabilities of Executive Automats (EA) whose daily activities comprise of using various EA modes – from function, process and regression testing, through putting together user training resources to setting up and checking security permissions.


His hands-on experience guarantees first-hand quality information and interesting technical details that will supply you with a thorough knowledge of the key applications and top benefits of Executive Automats.


Rafal’s personal interests include sailing, climbing and computer games.





  •  Title: Automated Testing for Microsoft Dynamics AX
  •  Date: Wednesday, February 17th, 2016
  •  Time: 4–4.45PM CET/ 10–10.45PM Beijing/ 10–10.45AM New York 
  •  Duration: 45min


If you’re unable to join us this time, get in touch to let us know (our webinars will be held regularly) or request an on-demand demo.


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