Results Mentor Mission Statement

Presents results, operational effectiveness and economic profitability rates, generates reports and feeds chosen recipients the predefined reports at a specified time.

About Results Mentor (RM)

Results Mentor (RM) is a tool that enables easy settlement between the departments and precise financial control. It also gathers data and provides them in a form of sophisticated reports that can be freely defined and distributed. Thanks to this Results Mentor promotes informed decision making as it allows to show specific data to the chosen individuals as required. This can significantly help you shape reality when it comes to your business and staff. Some of the most interesting reports include Personal Achievements, Team Bonus Forecast and Productive Results (which shows 16 signs of the employee’s operational effectiveness and economic profitability).

As far as efforts are concerned, Xplus uses 4 basic types of operations known by their collective name of Predicate which comes from the operations themselves. These actions
of propagating, relocating, distributing and calculating relate specifically to different categories of efforts (there are 12 parameters of power into value transformation*) and are carried out in or by different tools designed by Xplus (Dynamics Automated, MMM) and Microsoft (MS Dynamics AX).

Results Mentor plays the pivotal role in the power transfer calculation and consequently – in working out its price. In other words, RM finds out how much a project owes to
a department for transferring efforts of its members, so that the project could benefit from them and be successfully completed).

Relocating Efforts
Let’s imagine that you were told to spend 5h working on a project but you actually spent 10h. In this case, your efforts would be relocated in comparison with what was allocated for this project in the first place.

It is possible to relocate efforts within a project as well as between days. This is what happens when the total amount of time allocated for the given project on a specific day has to be split (for instance, if out of 5h allocated for Tuesday 2h are spent on that day late and work continues on the following morning, so that the remaining 3h eventually fall on Wednesday).

Propagating and Distributing Efforts
We talk about propagating efforts when a component work (that comes into existence as a result of an EM root work decomposition) with its given PV* absorbs a percentage of the EM root work’s budget (BV*). In case there are more parallel works and the allocated BV needs to be divided between them we talk about distributing efforts.

It is possible to propagate efforts in 2 directions – up and down the task tree. For instance, propagating and distributing PV means moving down the task tree while the root work is a sum of its component works, meaning that AC from different works and nodes adds up, moving upwards in the task tree.


Results Mentor pulls pieces of information from different tools. BV and PW come from Budget Master while NP*, AC*, EV*, RP*, LP* and more are taken from Efforts Meter. Next, the tool compares the data it gets from BM and EM to produce a multidimensional table presenting valuable managerial information.

In addition, Results Mentor has a built-it module that allows you to freely define reports as well as to manage when they are generated and who receives them which can be a very powerful way of influencing people and the course of events as far as your business is concerned.

* Click on the image below to see all 12 parameters of power into value transformation.

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